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Part load service

A part load describes goods which only fills a truck partially. In essence, the quantity of the shipment is bigger than the Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipment. Also, the shipment cannot fully occupy a truck i.e. its capacity is much lower than a Full Truckload (FTL) shipment.


Full truck service

For shipments that are large enough to fill or nearly fill an entire shipping container, full truckloads work out cheaper.

Full truckloads are much less encumbered by size and weight restrictions.

FTL shipments get to the destination sooner, as the truck is making no other pickups or drop-offs along the way.

FTL transport means less handling (there is no transferring between trucks mid-transit), the shipment is likely to get lost or damaged.


Groupage,storage and rest logistics services

Products will be collected on a groupage and part-load basis during the day. And storage - If things such as furniture are in storage, they are being kept safe in a special building while they are not needed.



Fast and friendly, we offer professional transportation services throughout the Europe. Our team is up for any job, from big to small. Local clients know that we stand behind our work, putting your satisfaction as our #1 priority. What really makes us stand out is our dedication, great prices and attention to detail. Contact us to learn more from one of our expert staff on how our professional team can help you!

At Weffer Logistics, we offer quality corporate and private transportation services across the entire Europe, Baltic countries and Scandinavia. We know that in today’s world, time is money. That’s why we promise to get you wherever you’re going on time, every time. Weffer Logistics has full qualified team which been providing top notch transportation services since 2000.







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